Sponsoring and fundraising

In 2001 we started the foundation Art for All.
We are thrilled to see that we were able to operate in two sometimes three projects per year.
Everytime again we could make ends meet.
Along many different channels funds were generated. And often in ways we could not have imagined!
We give presentations at schools, in churches, go to service clubs, compagnies. Sometimes we give workshops, organize a concert, write articles and most of all, TALK to people to tell our stories.
We depend on donations. Without money we cannot go.
Our expenses are mainly for transportation and materials. Sometimes lodging – low budget – as well. That depends on the situation.
We want to emphasize that everybody working with Art for All is a volunteer.
There are no salaries or allowances in any way.
The team members often use their yearly vacation time to do a project.

We are a certified ANBI organisation. That means that we are being watched.
Your donation is taxdeductable.
I dare say that investing in childrens lives is a very profitable investment. The profit is a lot more a bank ever can give!

Please help make it possible to bring creativity to disturbed and hurt kids.
And the adults who often participate.
If you have questions please contact our office at www.artforall.org
Any amount of support is more than welcome!
Thank you.

NL 15 RABO 0397 7542 99, Bic code RABONL2U, Art for All, Netherlands
BE 39 8601 1608 3619, Bic code SPAABE22, Art for All, Art for All, Belgium.