Meet board and projectleaders of Art for All

Wim Engels – chairman of the board and projectleader

Wim is great in having oversight. Leading the board and projects is a joy and a challenge.
Always fiinding a solution. Knows how to make something out of nothing.
He is confident that things will be allright!


Sarah Opdekamp – secretary

As the daughter of Guy and Loes, Sarah grew up with Art For All. At the age of 12 she already went on her first project in Romania. There she fell in love immediately. On land and on Art For All itself. After working with children and young people for several years, she left for a period of 2 years to the country where she once lived went on her first project. Now she wants to continue to work for Art For All.


Bram de Jong – treasurer

Art for All can count on Bram.
He knows about taking care of the funds.
We need his capable thinking in deciding if we can go on a project or not!

Wil van der Weele – boardmember

Wil took the initiative for the adventure of ART FOR ALL.
Still pushing around in the background. Very much involved.
Her DREAM will always be her dream come true.
Wil is a professional artist as a painter.


Guy Opdekamp – projectleader

Guy is so inventive in the projects. Very flexible and enthousiastic.
Children like him. Something small he can turn it into something unforgettable.


Arthur Pirenne

Arthur is the company’s clown. He has a big heart for children and knows how to add a cheerful note in the most recent circumstances. In addition to being a clown, Arthur is a pacemaker in sports and games and plays the accordion, trumpet and tambourine. He is now also a not without merit amateur painter.Arthur has worked professionally as a clown for 35 years, the last 21 of which at the CliniClowns Foundation.