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Last year november in Baarn, Kiwanis organized a winetasting and oilve oil tryout event..
This resulted in the wonderful and generous cheque of € 6500.- for Art for All.

Thankfully Wil van der Weele accepted the cheque in May 2016.

Kiwanis and Art for All also try to work out a project together for refugee children close by.
Different options are still being looked into.


Dec 21 -2001. A day we will never forget. The foundation ART FOR ALL was born! Wil van der Weele took the initiative.

AUGUST 2002. A team of 6 people travelled to Romania. In 2 vans packed to the max with paint, brushes, and materials, etc.

In the last 15 years we have been back to Romania on a regular basis.

In the mean time we went to quite a few countries.
It was great to hear the positive comments of the children but also of the staff. Over the years we have learned so much! What an encouragement.
The team has expanded form 6 to 24 people, who are willing to join the team if needed.

Our 10 years ART FOR ALL we celebrated with an open day in Breda.
There was a remarkable speech by Prof.Dr. Peter Adriaenssens .He lives in Leuven. It was a highlight to see and hear that sometimes not conciously knowing ,Art for All did the right thing with children in need.
A short version of the speech can be found on the DREAM page.

The celebration for our 15 year Art for All is in preparation.
We will let you know.

Projects in 2016


Suzanne Visscher and Pieter van Slooten returned with their team from Uganda.
Piet Buitendijk runs a home for streetkids and orphans. He and his wife have been there for many years and we look forward to be an encouragement tot that ministry.

Project Rwanda Kigali
Nov 10 – Dec 1st.

November 10th a team is leaving for Rwanda. All are set to bring creativity, color, joy, games and stories to the world of african children. Like 7 years ago we will work again with the small foundation Faith, Hope and Love.
This small NGO operates in small projects, like a school of sewing for orphans, creating the possibility for boys to drive a motorcycle and be a “taxidriver”. Sports for street kids……..
Our transportation will be on the back of a motorcycle or walk.
An NGO without cars!! Kind of nice.
Meet the team:
Wim Engels, Jenny Engels-Verplanke, Patricia Dam, Dominique and Agnes Knockaert-Jonkheere and Helene Pruyssen.
Three of them experienced and a first for the other 3.
All of them creative and ready to go.
Go with us in thoughts. We need your support. Africa is a country of surprises. Not easy to make appointments.
Things are just different than on this side of the globe.